Expressing things differently

BDO Enjoys Change

previous icon “What changed the most over the last two or three years is our communication. Not just external communication, but internally too. If you want to have your people convinced about the story - if you want them to tell the story to your clients - you have to communicate every day. You have to repeat and repeat and repeat,” he says. “It’s wrong to think that after one message, they will know what you want to say. It’s not enough.”

Nevertheless, Wilmots is also keen to emphasise that it’s about more than just talking the talk. “There’s an element that’s very important in my personal point of view, and that’s delivering every day what you said you would. If you say you are flexible and you say that you’re pragmatic for your clients, you have to be that for your people as well. If your people have a personal problem, you have to listen. We listen to our clients, and we listen to our people. We want to be in an environment where people feel appreciated for what they do. If you have a coaching program or evaluation program in which you do not deliver what you say you will do, people are going to leave. This is one of the challenges we’re facing—to do what we say. This is why everyone has a personal coach in BDO. If there's a problem, they can always tell their story.”

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Expressing things differently

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