Putting the client first

previous icon The thing that sets BDO apart from their competition is their focus on client relationships above all else. “I think there is something special about BDO,” says Wilmots. “We are not only professional, pragmatic, and personal in our approach. We are also passionate about what we do.”

 “When talking about strategy, you have to make a choice as an organization: operational excellence, product leadership or client intimacy. We chose client intimacy. Other organizations are more specialized, with a very high level end product, but the client will know that he has to pay for it. Others choose operational excellence, where low prices are more important.”

We made a combination of the two: high quality at reasonable price, but with a very close client relationship. That is our vision. At BDO, people are passionate about delivering exceptional client service.”

The decision to emphasize client intimacy may be part of the recent changes at BDO, but it has always been a factor at the heart of their company. “There was a gap in the market, though we didn’t realise it. Other organizations are very good professionally but their relationships with their clients are not their first objective. On the other side, the smaller organizations, where the client relationship is important, the knowledge, experience and expertise are not there.”

“This combination of both worlds is something we have in our blood. When we had to express our vision, after a lot of thinking we realized that this is the way we have to do it. This is our culture. We didn’t need to change anything from our culture’s perspective, but we did have to change how we expressed our vision.”

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Putting the client first

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