The technological impact

BDO Enjoys Change

previous icon With their strong focus on client service and the personal approach, it’s not surprising that BDO aren’t too worried about technology usurping their role. “A lot of clients have tried outsourcing projects, but it’s not always that easy. At the end of the day, when the Belgian law has to be applied, an Indian or Egyptian is not always aware of local legislation. I think there’s been a lot of experimentation, but many companies are reconsidering their decisions from five or six years ago. In the short run, you save money, but problems come later and you have to reinvest the time (and the money). It’s better do it right the first time.”

Regardless of the situation in the country, Wilmots is confident about the future. “In Belgium, we are losing more and more industry. But there will be a moment where politicians will understand that they have to take some fundamental measures. Belgium is a country that is rather poor, but there are a lot of rich people. It means that they can postpone the problem. But one day, when there will be more unemployment, and they will have to take other measures.”

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The technological impact

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