Vlerick Brand Management Centre

previous icon Vlerick have played a part in many of the activities that have got the business this far – but they’ve taken a more central role in another project that Belfius was keen to develop in their step towards renewal.  This related to meaningful KPIs for marketing communications and relating them more directly to growth and profitability. This turned out to be more difficult – and interesting – than anyone had anticipated and it took a whole year for the Vlerick Brand Management Centre to really get to the heart of the issue. “We thought that we were just not smart enough to link these things, but it turns out that it isn’t that straightforward,” Smet concludes. “But they have managed to develop some useful and relevant measures which we now use in drawing up contracts with communications agencies. So it is a very practical and important element in our planning and evaluation now.”

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Vlerick Brand Management Centre

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