Insuring the future at ERGO

Although still profitable, ERGO faced a few issues of its own. Above all it needed an overhaul and a new injection of energy to its sales organisation. We hear how it’s possible to redirect the focus and get 100s of entrepreneurs working for you. We also hear how managers have to lead from the front to get things done.

The ERGO Insurance Group belongs to one of the larger insurance businesses in Europe – 40 million customers worldwide and income from premiums of almost 18.6 billion € in 2012.  It evolved from a 1997 merger of two insurance companies – Victoria Holdings and Hamburg-Mannheimer, and today is owned by Munich Re, the large reinsurance company. These mergers and changes have made ERGO what it is today, and just as the world has evolved – so has ERGO Belgium; radically and for the better.

The company in Belgium understood that if it wanted to survive and thrive in this new environment that it had to adapt and change the way it did business. The fact that the global financial crisis occurred right at the same as the new brand launch meant it was required to manoeuvre its way through a minefield of uncertainty and doubt. With hindsight though, it’s clear that it provided a perfect opportunity and impetus for the further change that was required.

Phillippe Lison is Managing Director of ERGO Insurance NV in Belgium. He and his experienced team have led from the front and been instrumental in transforming the business,. He has made sure that it is now much more aligned with the needs and demands of an information-savvy, technologically aware and sophisticated marketplace, where customers expect transparency, service and accountability.


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Insuring the future at ERGO

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