Advice to others

previous icon And what advice would Lison give to others thinking of embarking on this path? “Change has to start at the top. If you don’t really believe in and practice what you are preaching, people will soon find you out and the impetus for change will diminish. And management doesn’t just need passion and vision – they need to communicate it effectively too. They need to keep staff excited and engaged – and then give them some quick-win milestones so they continue the process. I believe,” he says, “that it’s also important to create opportunities for group bonding and sharing. There is nothing like a shared goal – and shared success – to motivate people. Of course, not everyone will be on the same page but this sort of activity can encourage the late adopters and spread the enthusiasm for change across the whole business. A team that is together has got much more chance of success than relying on a few stars among a group of perhaps reluctant or hesitant, participants.”

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Advice to others

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