Change was inevitable

previous icon Lison explained how it all came about. “ERGO needed to become a more modern company – one that reflected today’s values and practices - while not forgetting the positive legacy of its original business. We fully admit that some of the company’s past selling theories were somewhat out dated and that’s the reason we’ve done our utmost to replace them with a much more consultative approach.. ”

Ergo Enjoys Change

As it turned out, circumstances and timing made it easier to push ERGO in this new improved direction. “In 2008, the global crisis was about to break so there was already a strong impetus to change our way of working. It’s also true that the Group was ahead of the game, and already developing our global strategy. So change was probably inevitable. The fact that we were already looking at new possibilities, structures and values meant that we were able to respond positively and quickly when it came to the organisational shift. And the name change too gave us an added push in the right direction.”

So what were the main features of this change that helped ERGO establish itself as a major player and recover some of the reputational ground lost in previous years. Lison continues, “For me it was clear, not only did we need to be a more free enterprise ourselves, but we equally had to continuously find young talent willing to work alongside us. Entrepreneurship in its most relevant and consumer-oriented form was what we were aiming for and luckily we were able to find examples of existing employees who were good role models for the rest of the network.”

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Change was inevitable

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