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previous icon But it wasn’t only within the group that ERGO found what they were looking for. “We looked outside our industry and quickly recognised that institutions like Vlerick shared our entrepreneurial vision. It was clear from the very beginning that they understood the value of an innovative and ethical approach to business. From then on, we began to construct a sort of ‘think tank’ mentality within the business. This led us to create a space – both physical and mental – where people in the sales organisation and commercial staff could start thinking creatively, outside the original envelope. The result was a multi-disciplinary approach that was non-hierarchical, and we encouraged staff to challenge and disrupt the conventional thinking.”

“One of the outcomes we noted was even more trust in the organisation and management; now whether this was because of this inclusive activity or just a result of the more open and encouraging environment, we don’t know; but it helped to develop the sort of atmosphere where innovation and creativity could thrive. It was our aim to make our extended family embrace a culture that created value from uncertainty. And now, to a large extent, we think we have been able to achieve that.”

“We are still looking for opportunities to improve and innovate and partners like Vlerick can only be beneficial in that respect. We are still working to embed new values and the innovatory ethos deeper into the organisation with a planned and structured programme. Vlerick’s experience and its nurturing of the human element in the entrepreneurial spirit represents the sort of benchmark we are aiming for and provides some important clues as to how this can be accomplished.”

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Help from Vlerick

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