Major issues needed tackling

previous icon There were a number of issues that needed urgent attention, including the delivery structure which was no longer fit for purpose and had to be reviewed, overhauled and upgraded; equally the whole emphasis of the business needed to move away from simply selling insurance to being much more of an adviser and information provider on the services available and their suitability for individual clients. This required a different approach, and a review of the way personnel were identified and addressed.

Ergo Enjoys Change

The overall effect prompted ERGO to undergo many changes and create a new approach and a new way of thinking, one where the customer’s needs were  catered for in a very direct and targeted way. Since the change, the company has radically altered its perspective and structures to reflect the current market situation. Additional new staff has been recruited and entrepreneurship has become a key driver. Ergo Belgium created an ambitious coalition with key people in the sales organisation, redesigning the internal organization structure and modernizing the workspaces. This reflects the modern approach the business is now taking.

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Major issues needed tackling

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