A word from Vlerick

Sophie Manigart The financial and economic crisis has perturbed the venture capital and private equity industry worldwide, leading to low levels of activity both at the fund raising and the investment side. Private equity is still hampered by a lack of debt to buyout transactions, while European venture capital is hindered by investors’ low risk threshold and by funds that are too small to commit significant amounts to their portfolio companies.

In the midst of this hostile environment, where a lot of players in the industry have (or will) disappear, Gimv has not only done well, but has also had the guts to dramatically change its strategy.

Based upon an external analysis (“in which direction will the markets evolve?”) and an internal analysis (“what are Gimv’s strengths and weaknesses? How can Gimv even better capitalize its strengths?”), a new investment model was developed that is currently being implemented. The whole team is currently working towards changing its course of action and spreading the word in the market. I am in no doubt that the new strategy will put Gimv in a strong position for tackling the new economic realities and continue to contribute to building a new Flemish economic tissue.

A word from Vlerick

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