A constant process

previous icon Despite Optima’s recent success, they do not feel they have reached the end of the journey. In fact, Viaene argues, it is all part of an on-going process. “Change is constant, as it is in all aspects of daily life. You have, at some point, a huge change - you buy a bank or you have a new approach to your clients - but it’s never ending. If we look to our business, we see for example that the audit, the initial analysis of the client’s financial situation, has to be adapted constantly because legislation changes all the time. In addition, as an organisation, you develop new ideas, new insights. There are new products and solutions on the market. You have to choose new partners. No product, no matter how good, is ever 100% perfect.”

This change isn’t just taking part within the company, but also throughout the country. “In Belgium, the legislation is changing every day. If you, for instance, consider tax law, we merely state the obvious when we point out that the government is very active in changing these laws. And to think that change will seize to continue at some point is no more than a fools dream. So you have to manage change constantly and innovate every day. That’s our mantra: change is constant.”

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A constant process

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