A different concept

previous icon Since acquiring the bank in 2011, Optima have begun to offer their clients a host of other services. However, financially planning remains their core business. As Viaene explains, “We are not a bank offering financial planning services in the margin. We are a financial planner with, among other credentials, a banking licence. The difference is not merely a question of interpretation, indeed it’s at the heart of Optima’s business concept. Our goal is not to sell a lot of financial products; it is to offer solutions assistance to our client in realising their and their family’s personal future goals. To this end we make a study of the client and his financial situation based on these goals, offering each client a clear insight into the different issues that might impede their success. To reach these financial goals you will, at some point, need products - that’s true - but instead of selling products we offer solutions that meet the perceived and agreed needs of the client.

“A bank is an institution with a lot of products, and as a client you can choose or fail to choose between these products, but before offering any product or solution a financial planner first makes a personal plan for each client. This plan offers a guideline and agenda to realise the client’s goals and thus overcome the issues outlined above. In that respect each and every product or solution within the plan is in line with that focus, 100%. That is, in fact, the big difference between a mere bank and Optima as a financial planner with a banking licence.”

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A different concept

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