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previous icon Professor Frank Goedertier: The “Financial Happiness Barometer” research executed in the context of the Optima Chair partnership allows to get an in-depth understanding of financial happiness and its impact on general feelings of happiness. One of the main conclusions of the studies executed to date is that an actively involvement with finances and the resultant feeling of control is a key driver of financial happiness. An active involvement leads to feelings of proudness, perseverance and enthusiasm. Besides control, a focus on “small wins” is also likely to help people to be and remain financially happy. Rather than focusing on a big return in a far future, people should focus on the present and make a deliberate effort to notice small positive accomplishments. Small goals are often much easier and quicker to reach than big ones – and as such are more likely to guarantee a continuous positive (financial) vibe. In the next waves of the “Financial Happiness Barometer” research we will further explore this role between financial happiness and a focus on short-term, concrete and/or abstract, long-term goals.


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