Talking through the changes

previous icon One of the biggest challenges for Optima was changing the internal staff mind-set as the company evolved. Viaene explains how they dealt with this: “First and foremost, you have to communicate a lot about what is happening. To involve everyone at every level is very important. Sure, when the deal is closed, you can put on a glamorous show, but that’s clearly not enough.”

Throughout the process, the company prioritised staff discussion at every level. “You have to see small groups,” Viaene says. “You have to see the management team to convince them to implement the changes in their daily situation. You have to see individuals - you have some people who are not convinced, because change creates resistance, so you have to communicate and explain every detail of the deal. Otherwise, you will not be successful in this operation. So we communicated a lot: with the press, with the whole staff, with the management teams, with small groups, with individuals. Communication seems to be very important, even key, in this process.”

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Talking through the changes

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