The financial happiness barometer

previous icon As part of this change process, Optima have been collaborating with Vlerick Business School to gain a better understanding of their customers. Viaene believes this has been a crucial aspect of Optima’s new approach: “Vlerick has been important for us to meet these new market situations. Professor Goedertier and Professor Debruyne did some research for us on the customer journey. On what basis do consumers make decisions? What is the nature of their decision process? Are there distinguishing factors in that decision process?”

Optima used the answers to these questions to evaluate different levels of customer satisfaction. “Bearing in mind the results that the research yielded, we started to study the ‘financial happiness’ of the Belgian people. In essence we wanted to discover to what extent the Belgian people are financially happy, and more importantly how we could keep track of that if so. To that end Vlerick designed a specific ‘financial happiness barometer’ and we have the ambition to follow up on this research on a yearly basis to measure if there is a difference or evolution in these financial happiness levels.”

One thing the research has already revealed is the value of the financial planning. Viaene explains, “As it turns out, the results indicated that increased ‘financial happiness’ is highly correlated with the combination of having clearly developed goals on the one hand and a well devised personal plan to reach those goals on the other. Furthermore this state of increased ‘financial happiness’ in itself increases an overall feeling of happiness. To be brief, someone who is financially happy seems to be ‘more happy’ in general. At first hand this seems quite normal, but to see this hypothesis proven scientifically is a different matter entirely!”

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The financial happiness barometer

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