The personal touch

previous icon As part of their commitment to focussing on the client, Optima like to keep their relationships on a personal basis. Viaene believes this is one way in which the company stands out: “Extending the service of financial planning as we do it is always done face to face. It’s not via the internet or fax or phone or mail. We believe that this is a real opportunity in the market. If you look to the banking industry today, they seem almost adamant to try and avoid seeing the client! We choose very much to do it the other way around.”

It seems that the hours spent building these relationships is time well spent. As Viaene says, “You can only work on a professional basis if you see the client and all the decision-makers in any given situation. We always talk to both partners in a relationship, or the different partners in a company. Most of the time, we meet in the comfort of their home or offices. In this setting, the client is more at ease to make the right decision and devote the necessary time to his financial well being. We believe that investing time in the client on a personal basis contributes to the overall success for all parties concerned.”

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The personal touch

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