Our Professors Enjoy Change too

Vlerick is a business school with an impressive array of more than 180 faculty and researchers and each one conducts research and publishes in their particular field of expertise. Change is a common theme throughout their work, especially as business and society comes to grips with new technology, new competition and a world that is totally and instantly connected.

Every week our professors give their view on one of the Enjoy Change stories.

Research for business

 You can find under this first link, all the school’s research relevant to the business community. It highlights Vlerick’s expertise in many different domains including operations and technology management, marketing, governance and ethics, and strategy.

Here we have made a selection of publications and articles from our own Vlerick faculty that focus on ‘change’ in one way or another.

Academic papers relating to change

 This second link is a non-exhaustive list of recent papers and books published relating to change in society and business.

While these papers are unavailable for viewing because of copyright issues, it is, possible to contact the professor or researcher should you wish to have more information. Look for their name on the Vlerick website. 

You can consult the books listed in our Vlerick library.

Vlerick business cases

The third link is to an external site that publishes all the Vlerick made business case studies. Case studies are a well-known and respected way of teaching as they help students understand the changing events, people and factors that influence an outcome.


To change or not to change? Ralf WetzelBook:

Early 2013, Professor Ralf Wetzel published a book on change together with Holger Regber.

‘To change or not to change’
Ralf Wetzel, Holger Regber
Lannoo Campus, 2013, 114 p.
ISBN 9789401408905

You can consult this book in the Vlerick library.



EIASM colloquium on organizational change and development

This conference takes place at Vlerick on its Gent Campus on the 12th September 2013! The event is organised together with EIASM and we expect around 60 participants from all over the world.


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