It's not R&D anymore but C&D: Connect and Develop

Until 10 years ago we, like many bricks and mortar companies, did our own research and development. Today all that has changed. Today, it’s all about making connections with those companies and universities who have the know-how to help us in what we call an open innovation model. It’s totally transformed the way we innovate and now we no longer do everything all by ourselves. We call it “Connect & Develop.”

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“In Belgium for example, we have a world-wide innovation centre for household detergents – almost all the new products in this category come through here. The new Tide stain eraser, currently one of our hot products in the USA, is a good example of this and an excellent illustration of just how much we’ve changed over the years.”

“The product, essentially a pen that removes grease stains when you’re out and about, has been developed in Belgium. A local university here is behind the chemical, while a company in Ieper has supplied the pen technology. That’s what we mean by Connect and Develop.”

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