Consumer insights lead us forward

Consumers are at the heart of every strategic move the company makes, and while in the past there may have been a one size fits all mentality, all that has changed. The maxim ‘Think Global, Act Local’ has long been integrated into how P&G works, but they have the added advantage of being able to use their considerable scale and resources to take advantage of any nuances and changes their local marketing teams may signal.

Suykens, at the heart of many of successful marketing campaigns over the years, gives us his take on the subject. “We are extremely focussed on consumer insights. Not just the kind of information you hear in a focus group, but genuine life strong innovations. It’s these changes that inspire break through innovations. Swiffer – the cleaning system that actively removes dust and dirt from the home – is based on an insight that there are more and more allergy sufferers, and that they really want a solution that works.

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