How pampers rediscovered its mojo

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If we look at our Pampers brand – now an 8 billion $ a year business, the change has been exceptional as it’s grown from being ‘only’ a 2 billion $ brand a few years ago. How did we grow the business? Well, by realising that we had to change. Our technology was certainly always improving, but we found – without realising it at first – that it had overtaken the consumer as the focus of our efforts. It was in fact a brand issue and we had to redefine the direction the brand was taking – and this we did successfully by making the consumer boss again. Dryness wasn’t the essence – but baby’s development was – and once you define it in those terms, the relevance of the brand and the service becomes totally different.

Pampers now provides a service for mothers and babies all around the globe, including information about health, breast-feeding, and so on. The lesson is that when you are able to define the essence of a brand in consumer terms, can take things broader and grow in a whole new way. Now for example, the Pampers brand works with Unicef, mainly at Christmas time, offering a vaccine for a child in need for every packet of Pampers sold. At first this was done only in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK – but now it’s happening all over the world. It’s not just a good example of scale though; it’s also a demonstration of how innovation can come from the markets and not just via the innovation centres.

In truth, the consumer doesn’t always see or appreciate the changes we make – but if they compared the proposition from 10 years ago, they’d certainly see the difference.

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