Analysing the world

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previous icon Van Deven explains, “Take the coupons you get from supermarkets or the online ads from the likes of Amazon, eBay and Facebook posted on your account to encourage you to look at other products. These are all the results of analytics. Governments are using them, for example the Belgian government is employing the science to combat fraud; even President Obama’s election campaign used them to determine how to present himself and his policies. They are actually much more prevalent than you might think.”

“We don’t see it is as intrusive or a Big Brother sort of scenario,” he argues. “It is more about helping companies understand consumer behaviour and wants and meeting them better, and understanding how systems, markets, supply chains work in practice, to improve their efficiency. None of our clients have ever expressed the desire to use it to monitor or control any aspects of individuals that would be ethically suspect. They are very respectful of the regulations – and so are we.” 

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Analysing the world

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