Changing for the better

SAS Enjoys Change

previous icon “Analytics is a force for good. For example, it can be used in supply chains to adapt the model so that, for example, less fresh food is thrown away as the right volumes are sent to the right places. It means too that there are less trucks on the road, less pollution and so on. So you see everyone benefits. Waste is reduced and unnecessary work and travel is eliminated. Can you imagine this applied throughout industry and commerce? It could have massive benefits for business and consumers – and offshoot advantages to the environment, general economy, and resource management. The potential is almost limitless.”

SAS and Vlerick are working on a joint three-year research programme to help business exploit business intelligence to the full and understand the opportunities and benefits that big data analysis offers. “The future will be very interesting and exciting,” Van Deven concludes, ‘And it won’t be Big Brother or computers running the world; just smarter more informed people making better decisions.”

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Changing for the better

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