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previous icon Patrick Van Deven is Country Manager for SAS Belgium and Luxembourg; he picks up this thread. “Analytics is certainly the hottest segment in the software market over the past few years. It has actually changed the way people think about how the world works and revolutionised the process of predicting and planning for the future of business. SAS is a world leader in this field and the largest data mining company in the world.”

The company has existed for 36 years and has adapted and remodelled itself to reflect all the massive technological changes that have happened over the intervening period. This has meant moving from the age of the main frame, centralisation and IT centric services to the much more dispersed, compact and customer-focused model of today.

“The sort of information analytics we supply are the lifeblood of progressive business,” Van Deven continues. “It can mean the difference between survival and failure. And the technology and systems are open to everyone now. They are easier to understand and use so access to the vital data is opened up. We have two arms to the business – software and services – and we market through 600 consultants; 60 of them work directly for us and the rest are partners. The software side of the business represents about 85% of our turnover. 

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