People still key

previous icon And how has SAS changed itself to reflect technological developments, market conditions and customer expectation. “Actually SAS hasn’t changed that much fundamentally,” says Van Deven. “Because we were in a forward-looking business and sector when the founder, Jim Goodnight, started up the company the values and ethos had to be very much about innovation, managing change – and people. He was always aware that people were integral to the success of a business like ours but also that they had to be a good fit. You need people with the right skills and aptitude certainly, but you also want people who can work together as a team towards shared goals. I don’t think that has ever changed in SAS. The organisation was designed with a particular strategy and culture in mind and people join who are compatible with that.”

“The world has changed for sure,’ Van Deven continues. “And we want to continue to change the way the world works. Analytics and big data are already doing this though you might not always realise it.’

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People still key

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