A word from Vlerick

Marion Debruyne: The story of SWETS clearly illustrates the upheaval that the digital transformation creates for established companies. Not only do they have to adapt technologically, they have to rethink their entire business model to not become extinct.

As we know: “it’s not the strongest of species that survives, but the one most able to adapt.”

At the same time, it is also clear that this new environment, one where information is abundant, and consumers find it ever more normal to have immediate access to information, also creates a lot of opportunities. First, when there is ever more information than ever available, it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to find their way to the right information, and to vet it to judge its validity. Second, information accessibility ensures that there is an expanding user base that engages with it. As the story of Swets demonstrates, this means rethinking the value proposition, rethinking the customer base, rethinking the value chain and rethinking the profit model. In other words: rethinking the entire business model!

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A word from Vlerick

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