Changing the view

How do Swets relate to Vlerick? “ Well, they are one of our customers,” says D’hanis, “but they are also a business partner. They have knowledge and insight that can help us in developing the business but also, potentially, in creating new products or content.”

“Their business training too was very useful,” Van Belle confirms. “I got a lot from it and made useful contacts - not just from the training but from the networking events as well.”

“I always think communication is the key when it comes to managing change,” Van Belle says. “You need to communicate a clear vision and let people know what is happening and why. We expect a lot from our staff now; they have to do more, and they have had to adapt. Many have been with the company for many years and have seen great changes so they are not doing what they were when they first started. And with the changing market and customers, and the reductions in staff, greater volume and more varied work is asked of them. We have to constantly motivate them and it can’t always be financial; so we have to find other ways to keep people engaged.”

“It’s clear that the current CEO intends to turn the business upside-down over the next couple of years. He understands that we need to develop new products and services as our subscription business dwindles. That means there are a lot more innovative projects now and these will, hopefully, lead to exciting new products and services in the near future. We are aiming to be a different company by 2015. I am sure that organisations like Vlerick can help us on several levels in this process and that is probably the way we will go, doing joint development and creating partnerships to find new products and channels.”

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Changing the view

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