Content is still king

previous iconKatleen D’hanis is Electronic Product Manager for the group’s Belgian and French businesses. She has been dealing with the changing environment and Swets’ response to it for some years. “What we are now is essentially a content broker. We source, categorise and curate the information so that other people can access it easily, with confidence and accuracy. Our customers are still the libraries and information providers but increasingly end-users are becoming aware of the advantages of the wide range and specialised nature of our service. The principal core of the company is still business-to-business, though a wider range of businesses and information users are clients now.”

“Technological changes have meant we have had to constantly update and upgrade our capabilities to keep up with the market and offer it what it needs and wants. Everybody wants information instantly – and free; especially the younger generation (digital natives as we call them) who think all information is available free on the web. What they don’t realise is that everything online isn’t necessarily right or accurate. It’s normal, you have to pay a premium for information that is verified, quality-checked and classified making it accessible, relevant and useful. We see our job as getting the right information to the right people, quickly and easily. Naturally, there is a cost attached to that – you are paying for the confidence that what you’re getting has been vetted and is genuine and authoritative.”

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Content is still king

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