Research is the key

Swets Enjoys Change

D’hanis agrees; “Decisions might be made in Holland but they are influenced from all over. It isn’t only local staff who can bring insights and ideas; local customers often have a perspective or need that can lead to a new product or operational development that is beneficial to the whole organisation. Company wide, Swets now uses a software called ‘Salesforce’ – this is a way for us to discuss ideas and have them quickly disseminated and debated around the worldwide organisation so any relevance or application can be swiftly identified and exploited.”

Van Belle adds; “We are quite lucky in the Belgian office in that we are a fairly small, contained and very cohesive unit so we are often used to pilot or trial ideas or projects. We therefore tend to be at the forefront and sharp end of developments, which makes our lives interesting and stimulating.”

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Research is the key

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