A word from Vlerick

Walter Van Dyck: Companies like TNO play in the challenging field of emerging technologies. Primarily, they convert academic inventions into innovative industrial technologies and applications with often disruptive societal implications. So if, for example, it becomes possible to make concrete out of waste then TNO will design, often in collaboration with the industry, technology to make this happen. However, to accelerate the uptake of this disruptive technology they need to understand how the existing building ecosystem and the business models of its various players will be impacted.

Thereafter, open innovation business models and value propositions need to be designed to stimulate these ecosystem players to change their current way of thinking (and making concrete). This is the domain where TNO and Vlerick collaborate. Using action learning formats Vlerick makes TNO scientists and engineers business-savvy so they cannot only design disruptive technology but also the open innovation business models that should go with it to create a valuable economic and societal impact.

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