The big question: What is the best investment?

“Some might say the broad range of expertise within TNO is a weakness, whereas personally, I find it a strength,” Stokking exclaims. “The difficulty is in understanding where the focus of research should be, and that’s where Vlerick’s experience has been most useful. They see the technology-roadmaps from the outside, and leave sentiment and emotions at the door. They help us decide whether or not it makes sense; of course technically it almost always does, but economically, it’s not always the case. It means when Vlerick suggests stopping a programme that they’re not always the most popular people around. We know however that it’s absolutely necessary to make these choices, and in fact the parallel can be taken one step further. We can’t afford to invest our time and energy with many business schools; after all, we’ve got our work to do. We too have to focus our efforts, and right now we are enjoying the collaboration with Professor Van Dyck. Especially as I know that all this contact and working together only increases the understanding and respect we have for each other.”

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