Technological Infrastructure

Learning approaches evolve fast, increasingly supported by technology. Pure classroom teaching is making way for blended learning. Teaching material is distributed beforehand online. Groups and networks are formed and stay in touch through yammer and other resources. Participants are connected and dialogue across the globe through webinars. The unique learning environment found at Vlerick Business School is built not only on the diversity of viewpoints and experiences, but also requires state of the art facilities.

We are continuously enhancing our learning environment and improving Vlerick technology and campus facilities to provide the best resources for students and alumni, to facilitate exchange, dialogue , interaction in and outside the classroom. With proper infrastructure support, Vlerick wishes to define and deliver state of the art products and services that do not just satisfy, but delight customers. To enrich student and participant learning by fueling the development of dynamic multimedia cases, business simulations, skill-building exercises, online tutorials, and education portals.

The payoff is clear: building infrastructure capabilities not only fuels organizational growth; it provides a platform for future success. Continuous investment in the latest technologies allows groups to communicate, forge teams and share their thinking across continents while at the same time within the same community.

Vlerick business School needs your support to succeed in providing and managing the school’s information technology infrastructure and services by : 

  • the dynamic implementation and management of emerging technologies
  • Endeavouring to advance the capabilities of our existing information technology infrastructure and services 
  • Broadly disseminating information regarding new technological developments
  • Supporting the teaching and learning, research, and outreach missions of Vlerick

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