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We are an outward facing School boasting world-class quality and global recognition. Our faculty comprises some of the world’s most renowned experts in their field with close ties to local and multinational concerns around Europe and the rest of the world. Our body of students and alumni is equally international, enriching the learning experience with a diverse mix of cultures, backgrounds and outlooks.

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We are driven by a passion for innovation and enterprise. From our world-class education programmes to our ground-breaking research projects and trend-setting corporate partnerships, everything we do at Vlerick Business School is done with drive, enthusiasm and energy.

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Our campuses are stimulating and inspiring places where people of all different backgrounds, levels of experience and ambitions come together to exchange knowledge and ideas in a spirit of openness and mutual respect. Our highly approachable and enthusiastic faculty actively encourage interaction and integration.

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At Vlerick, we understand that theory is nothing without practice. Our highly dynamic, action-oriented degree programmes incorporate a strong mix of hands-on projects, multidisciplinary workshops, interactive boot camps and interactive class sessions while our customised programmes are designed to create concrete solutions to specific business objectives.

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