44 Belgian companies can call themselves a ‘Great Place to Work®’

Employees have made their voices heard about the companies they work for. The Great Place to Work® Institute reached 48,000 employees with its survey, and tonight announced the 20 Best Workplaces™ Belgium at the Docks Dome Event Hall in Brussels. 24 organisations also received a ‘Great Place to Work®’ certificate in recognition of their good employment practices.

Best Workplaces 2019 event

Every year, we spend an average of 1576 hours at work. How we work together and get on with our colleagues goes a long way towards determining our experience at work. Good workplaces are organisations in which people trust the management, are proud of their job and enjoy their work. The survey is conducted annually by the Great Place to Work® Institute in collaboration with Vlerick Business School and media partner Jobat / Mark Magazine.

Great Place to Work® looks at companies through two lenses. The Trust Index© survey (employee survey) assesses the extent to which employees experience trust, pride and camaraderie in their company. In addition, the Culture Audit© questionnaire (HR survey) evaluates the employment policies of the organisations. A unique feature of this approach is the fact that the evaluation by the employees takes precedence. Two-thirds of the final score is determined by the results of the company’s own employees.


Best Workplaces Belgium 2019 

  Organisations < 500 employees    Organisations > 500 employees 
EASI  Torfs 
Secretary Plus  McDonald's Belgium 
Xylos  KBC 
Protime  Start People 
Mars Belgium  DELA 
ORMIT  The Adecco Group 
Roche Pharma  EY Belgium 
Axxes  Randstad Group 
10  SAS Institute  10  MediaMarkt 

Great Place to Work® recognises these organisations for their good employment practices and people-oriented organisational culture. Since 2017, this has not only taken place on the basis of the top 10 Best Workplaces™, but a certificate has also been issued to the organisations which achieve a certain minimum level in both surveys. This year, there are 9 more certified companies than in 2018.


AbbVieGreat Place to Work Certified 2019
CTG Belgium
InSites Consulting
Integr8 Consulting
Planet Group
SecureLink Belgium
Talent in Motion Healthcare
Volkswagen D’Ieteren Finance
*In alphabetical order

Special Awards for 3 outstanding business cases

Authentic Communication - Protime
Authentic communication is about doing what you say and saying what you do, about both listening and speaking, about honest communication where attention is paid to transparency and collecting feedback. At Protime, communication takes place in different ways and through different channels, some more virtual than others. Whether they are exchanging practical information, announcing news or welcoming new employees, Protime’s communication is always imbued with their corporate values and company culture.
Nominees: Protime, Roche Pharma, Torfs

Continuous Learning - Ormit
Continuous learning involves the ongoing development of knowledge and competences within a changing context. Developing leadership talent is ORMIT’s core business. Leaders who guide others with both their head and their heart and who focus on value creation, not only in financial but also in personal terms: this is what Ormit is going for.
Nominees: Mars Belgium, McDonald’s Belgium, Ormit

Strong Synergy - SAS Institute
‘Our values influence everything we do at SAS – from the software we create, to our social media interactions, to our conversations with each other and our customers.’ SAS Institute is an organisation in which all the activities are linked within a clear framework. A clear mission and vision, company values and the organisational culture ensure an integrated whole in which employees are encouraged to give the best of themselves.
Nominees: AE, SAS Institute, Secretary Plus

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