AGC turns junior managers into agile leaders

For the eighth time, AGC Glass Europe is inviting a select group of its junior managers to “take the JUMP” at Vlerick. “The Junior University Management Programme is the entry point to grow on a European level,” confirms Barbara Mayor, Learning & Development Manager at AGC. “The academic and sometimes out-of-the-box learning experience equips them with the management skills that are needed for agile leadership in our rapidly changing environment.”

Barbara Mayor - AGCThe Junior University Management Programme (JUMP) is one of the cornerstones of AGC University. The programme lays the foundations for AGC leadership across Europe. “Expectations towards our managers are increasing. To meet the growing and somewhat changing expectations of the market, we need a management culture that is more agile, more able to propose and rapidly adopt effective solutions,” says Barbara. “What’s more, due to several acquisitions over the past few years, there was a growing need for a common background: speaking the same language, adopting the same mindset in terms of leadership.”


Since stability is a key ingredient of the AGC L&D track for junior managers, Barbara was on the lookout for a solid partner to work with in the long term. “What I particularly appreciate with Vlerick is the high standard of teaching of course, but also the support given during the programme. Especially as we don’t have that many internal resources for coordinating courses and programmes.”


The JUMP programme is designed on 2 levels:

1. Personal Mastery & Managerial Skills: self-management, team management, effective communication, conflict resolution, creativity and pitching
2. Business Mastery: finance, marketing & business modelling, integrated business simulation
+ group project

3 x 4-day modules
max. 24 participants, from different countries and disciplines

Innovative learning methods

For AGC it’s important that JUMP presents various topics, covering leadership as well as management skills. Innovative learning methods, like MBTI*, business cases, simulations and business projects, enhance the participants’ learning experience in many ways. Barbara explains: “These methods allow participants to open their minds, to grasp the material more quickly, to apply the knowledge immediately to an actual challenge in their day-to-day business, and to network more easily with participants from other European countries with a different background. It ‘kneads’ AGC’s very much sought-after agile leaders of tomorrow, because the glass industry sees some sweeping technological innovations.”

Ripple effect

And what is the feedback from the participants themselves? “Being selected for JUMP is definitely a clear sign of appreciation. It boosts their motivation and leadership skills. But there’s also a ripple effect on a company level: the business project can yield fresh ideas that germinate into innovative solutions, e.g. the rethinking of our supply chain model in Automotive. It proves we’re in good hands with Vlerick, ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

“The business project can yield fresh ideas that germinate into innovative solutions” Barbara Mayor, Learning & Development Manager at AGC

* The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire claiming to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions

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