An MBA programme that works for you

Our Executive MBA weekend format is designed to fit into your busy schedule. Classes take place every three weeks on a Saturday and Sunday at our Brussels campus, attracting many internationals. The current programme has over 50% non-Belgian students from no less than 17 countries. Besides networking with fellow students from all over the world, our study trips will take you to countries like the USA, China and Ireland.

Current student Sarah Dekkiche, who’s French / Algerian, is very enthusiastic about the diverse group: “I love my group. Although we are all quite different - with various origins and professional backgrounds - it feels like a homogenous and strong group. There is a certain spirit of solidarity. We stand together. I learn from everyone, and that’s a very cool feeling.”

Sarah, who studied political sciences, felt that an MBA would enrich her with the necessary tools to achieve her dream, which is to create value at scale for the society and the environment. “After five years of professional experience, I started to feel challenged in my managerial role. I knew that the time had come to take this next step. The week-end formula is a perfect fit for me. My working weeks are quite dense, and neither evening classes nor a full-time MBA would have been an option for me. The classes are really refreshing and pass by fast. It’s a pleasure!

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