Asian Banker Summit 2013 pays special attention to risk management

During the 14th Asian Banker Summit in Jakarta (Indonesia) from 23 until 25 April a separate Risk Games Conference will be organised in conjunction with the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services. It’s Asia’s first simulation-aided risk management conference.

Vlerick Business School was selected as a partner organisation because of our world leadership in risk-based simulations. We will be represented by André Thibeault, Professor of banking and financial markets, whose simulations were originally developed for use by banks in Canada and Europe. “After a screening of potential candidates, they chose the Vlerick Bank Simulation because of its up-to-date and flexible regulatory environment, from Basel 1 to Basel 3, and because of the flexibility in the design of the different decision rounds.

The Vlerick Bank Simulation is an on-line tool that Vlerick has developed during the last few years. It is used in our MBA-FSI programme, in the Masters in Financial Management programme and in various customised programmes for amongst others ING and KBC.  André is very happy with this unique opportunity: “This will position Vlerick as the world leader in risk and financial simulation for banks and it is opening the door of the growing Asian and Pacific Rim market for customised training.”

Combining world-class speakers and an innovative simulation concept, the simulation format is designed to help risk management professionals in Asian commercial banks rehearse in detail the different possible scenarios they will be confronted with and prepare for better decision making skills.

The objectives of the Risk Games Conference & simulations are:

  • to test different economic scenarios in 2013 with peers from different countries
  • to learn from global best practice leaders
  • as a team building exercise for risk management teams within banks
  • to be mentored by a faculty of the most experienced risk experts with global and Asian experience in an experiential based learning environment

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