Attentia and Vlerick to work together on engagement

P&O services group Attentia has joined the Vlerick Centre for Excellence in People Performance as a new Prime Foundation Partner. Within the centre, Vlerick and a variety of partners from the business world do research into performance management, the role of management and the motivational business climate.

More specifically Attentia and Vlerick are going to work together on engagement.  

Koen Dewettinck, Head of the Centre for Excellence on People Performance, explains: “As a P&O services group, Attentia aims to support organisations to increase the level of engagement in their companies. We set out with them to broaden their insight into the factors that lead to greater employee engagement at company, managerial and team level. We also like to chart the positive effects.”

Research has shown that there is a clear link between employees’ attitude and behaviour (satisfaction, loyalty, identification and involvement) and their performance as individuals, as a team and within the whole organisation. Joris Vanholme, Marketing Manager at Attentia, is convinced that maintaining and increasing engagement is the challenge facing organisations in the coming months and years: “After all, engaged employees do more for their company. They are positive, energetic and take initiatives. Moreover they also contribute to a positive company image. Any company that wants to go on growing in times of crisis and continue to increase profits will have to focus on engagement as an indispensable part of the whole strategic P&O policy.

For Joris Vanholme it is self-evident that Attentia should join forces with Vlerick for this: “We think it’s important to guide and support our clients with practical tools that help to genuinely increase engagement.  On the other hand, our solutions must also be scientifically based. Because Vlerick combines scientific research with ample practical experience in companies it is the perfect partner for us.” Attentia already has several experts in house devoted to employee engagement and recruitment, development, remuneration and energy & vitality. “We want to investigate this further, though, with Vlerick,” says Joris Vanholme. “Then we will be able to provide even better support for companies that put engagement high on their agenda.