AXA targets students as well as alumni

AXA Belgium decided to step up its recruitment strategy by signing a Global Community Partnership. “We’re transforming from payer to partner towards our customers, which requires top talent at all levels that can help us with that transformation,” says Jef Van In, CEO of AXA Belgium.

“To accelerate our transformation and continue on our sustainable growth track in a challenging economic environment, AXA has developed an Ambition 2020 strategic plan,” Jef Van In explains. “That plan embraces a vision with a strong focus on customers and brokers, empowered by engaged employees offering a wide range of expertise: not only in finance or asset & risk management, but also in transformation management, artificial intelligence, IT & data management, digital marketing & communication, sales, HR, legal, etc.”

Jef Van In - AXA
“We need top talent that can help us transform from payer to partner towards our customers” Jef Van In, CEO AXA Belgium

‘Good experience with Vlerick talent’

By signing this Global Community Partnership, AXA wants to target both students and alumni for its recruitment strategy. “We have good experience with Vlerick talent,” Van In points out. “At the moment, five Vlerick graduates are part of our Global Graduate Programme, we have two Vlerick alumni on our Management Committee, and as you might guess, we have many other alumni contributing to our key challenges.”

‘Co-create with the Vlerick community’

But there’s more. Jef Van In: “We want to move away from the traditional recruitment process, simply attending job fairs, etc. With this partnership, we want to co-create something stronger with the Vlerick community, sharing valuable information on the main challenges the insurance business is facing.”

And Vlerick?

“That layer of co-creation and interaction coincides perfectly with our ambition to ground corporate partners more firmly in the Vlerick community,” Dean Marion Debruyne confirms. “The Global Community Partnership reflects the closer collaboration we want to pursue between our students and our alumni. I’m very happy to welcome a world-class player like AXA to our community, and to our Centre for Financial Services in particular.” 

Thomas Vandormael - Marion Debruyne - Maureen O'Hare (Vlerick)
“The Global Community Partnership reflects the closer collaboration we want to pursue between our students and our alumni,” says Dean Marion Debruyne, flanked in the picture by Thomas Vandormael (General Manager Vlerick Alumni) and Maureen O’Hare (Vlerick’s Business Development Manager).

Partnership in practice

Jef Van In sums up some examples of how AXA and Vlerick are putting this partnership into practice.

  • 04-12-2017 – Q&A with MFM students – “All Masters students in Financial Management were invited to the AXA offices. Together with my CFO, CRO and some AXA experts, we discussed the challenges in finance and insurance, provided real-life examples and answered questions from the students that triggered an interesting debate.”
  • 05-12-2017 – Panel debate during the Winter Reunion – “Gunther Uytterhoeven, our Chief Marketing Officer and a Vlerick alumnus, was a panel member in the discussion about digitisation of financial services, and insurance in particular. A great opportunity to get in touch with more than 1,000 Vlerick alumni.”
  • 07-02-2018 – ‘When customers take control’ – “Keynote by Gunther Uytterhoeven”
  • 10|20|23-03-2018 – The AXA-Vlerick Insurance Challenge – “Professor David Veredas asked AXA experts to get involved in the AXA-Vlerick Insurance Challenge. Together, they will prepare the students to run an insurance business game.”