Belgian Energy Crash Course delivers knowledge to those from non-energy backgrounds

Places for the first edition were snapped up in a flash, and the second edition promises to fill up fast too. The Belgian Energy Crash Course not only meets the needs for solid knowledge of the new employees at the traditional market players who do not have a background in the sector. The programme also literally energises a community that will continue to exist after its completion.

The first edition of the Belgian Energy Crash Course took place in February. “This programme is a low-threshold spin-off from the Future Grid Managers Programme. We give people from outside the energy sector - both juniors and seniors - a broad description of the Belgian energy market”, says Energy Professor Leonardo Meeus.

First edition: fully booked straight away

Why has this programme not been given much publicity? “Because we filled it in no time at all!” says Leonardo. “The programme came at the request of Elia and Fluvius, which are both members of the Vlerick Energy Centre. Apart from their own forty delegates, there were also participants from Engie, EDF Luminus and VREG.”

Elia: not taken by surprise

The fact that so many Elia employees attended this first Belgian Energy Crash Course does not come as a surprise to Peter Michiels, Elia’s Group Chief Alignment Officer. “Nowadays, we recruit a lot more people from outside the energy sector, including those with IT, finance and innovation backgrounds. This programme immediately delivers them knowledge about the energy market, which is also of great benefit to their interaction with our ‘real’ energy people.”

“New, enthusiastic community”

“Besides, you can feel that during the programme, the participants form a close and enthusiastic community that continues to exist across the departments within Elia. For me, that is no less a return on investment,” says Peter. “The feedback I received from the participants was that some prior knowledge of the energy sector is required. I will include that in the evaluation with Professor Meeus. Because we already have a group of participants for the second edition of this programme.” 

Second edition: Register now!

Maybe you haven’t been working for an energy company for very long or you just want to broaden your knowledge of the Belgian energy market. If so, then register online or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Day 1
  • Morning: Wholesale of electricity
  • Afternoon: Monitoring market equilibrium - What happens in real-time? 
Day 2
  • Morning: Decentralised generation and how to integrate it
  • Afternoon: What if the nuclear power plants shut down? 

Discover our expertise in energy

The energy sector is likely to face more changes in the next 10 years than in the last 100. New technologies, organisational challenges, regulation… they will affect you, as a business and as a customer. But change also equals opportunities – even if there are no easy answers. The Vlerick Energy Centre will help you to master that change. We will challenge you to think ahead and find new solutions for tomorrow’s world.

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