Career coaching: Diversity is the engine of invention

Diversity is the engine of great ideas and creative solutions.
Diversity about gender as well as generation, culture, disability, ...

During the Diversity session in de Warande, our attendees learned how to set up a diverse team and how to manage it.

We were inspired by keynote speakers Saskia Van Uffelen and Françoise Chombar, as well as by the experts Françoise Roels, Xavier Baeten, Meredith Vets- Van Overloop , Anouk Van de Velde , Yves Veulliet, Saskia Van Den Kerkhove. Thanks for joining this session and the positive feedback we have received following the event. The session has definitely inspired and energized the attendees.

As one of the attendees commented: “Very interesting event and inspiring for all entrepreneurs amongst us

career coaching career coaching


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