Career Fair offers students opportunity to evaluate their career expectations

On 5 February the Career Fair gave our MBA and Masters students the opportunity to meet some 150 representatives from 46 companies.

“The Career Fair is an essential component of the career services we offer,” comments Academic Dean Dirk Buyens. “Our primary aim is for the students to get to know themselves really well and then to position themselves in the market. Events like this Fair give them a taste of the market: are my recruitment expectations realistic?”

Cream off the best

“For companies, this Career Fair is of course a way to ‘cream off’ the best students,” Dirk continues. “But it’s also an excellent way to assess the needs and expectations of the complex Generation Y: B2C companies – often the ‘bigger names’ and major recruiters – are eager to get feedback from this generation, while B2B companies want to find out how well they score with experts from Generation Y.”