Corona virus - information & guidelines

Vlerick Business School is monitoring the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak closely. Keep an eye on this webpage as we will be adapting the information whenever the current situation evolves.


Ready to welcome you back to a safe campus!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to campus for the first time since March 2020, when we took the necessary decision to suspend face-to-face programmes, in order to contain the further spread of Covid-19. Thanks to digital technology however, out of sight was never out of mind as we have continued to deliver our programmes in a virtual way.

In line with the decisions from the National Security Council, we will resume our on-campus activities as from 17 August. We will do so in a very cautious way, including the implementation of a range of precautionary measures to safeguard the wellbeing of our participants, students, alumni and visitors.

Our way of teaching has been adapted as well. According to your specific programme, you may expect an optimum combination of online learning and physical teaching in small groups, with respect for social distancing. We feel confident that in this blended format we will continue to deliver qualitative learning journeys with high satisfaction and maximum impact.

We will of course continue to remain vigilant, closely monitoring the latest developments, and we will adjust our safety measures accordingly.

All you need to know before coming to one of our campuses

UPDATE 19 MAY 2020

We remain active online and are preparing the physical reopening of our campuses by 17 August 2020

As the health and safety of our employees, students, participants and alumni is our first priority, our campuses in Ghent, Leuven and Brussels will remain closed to all visitors until 16 August.

In the meantime, we will continue to fulfil our purpose 100% digitally and online. We are proud of that and we feel strengthened by the many positive reactions and the extremely high satisfaction of our participants and stakeholders with our online learning journeys, research and networking events.

In addition, we are also working on a strategy and plan for a safe physical reopening of our campuses.

Subject to changes, we will welcome back our staff, students, participants and visitors on our campuses as from Monday 17 August. This timing depends of course on the further development of the Covid-19 outbreak. Concrete practical guidelines will follow later.

We look forward to seeing everyone again!
Stay safe and keep on learning.


Following the decisions taken by the National Security Council on 15 April, Vlerick Business School will continue to operate, taking into account the prolonged lockdown and social distancing measures. Concretely that means that we organise all our programmes and activities digitally until 30 June.

Based on the positive feedback from our participants and students and the extensive experience of our faculty, we remain fully confident that we will continue to deliver qualitative learning journeys online with amazing satisfaction and impact.

We will be closely monitoring future government decisions and policies, and we are working behind the scenes on various scenarios for a safe re-opening of our campuses, respecting social distancing guidelines and waiting on approval by our government to do so.


The Corona Emergency Taskforce at Vlerick Business School is continuously monitoring the situation with everyone’s wellbeing in mind. To ensure the health and safety of all of our stakeholders, additional measures will be taken as of tomorrow, 18 March 2020.

  • Our campuses will be closed for all external visitors. As for all Vlerick employees, it will be mandatory to stay at home except for those whose physical presence is required in order to guarantee the quality of our online programmes and facilitate telework.
  • All catering services on our campuses will be paused until further notice.
  • The reception desks and library will be closed.

Update 12 March 2020


Dear members of the Vlerick community,

As you know, we are currently facing a very special set of circumstances of a global nature, possibly among the most challenging in recent decades.

In recent days, we have kept you informed about the decisions taken by your school to confront the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Three principles have guided our decision making during this time:

  1. First, protecting the health of all members of the Vlerick community, following the instructions of the health authorities and experts
  2. Second, ensuring transparency by keeping you informed accurately and timely
  3. Third, maintaining educational activities to adhere to the maximum extent possible to our commitments to Master and MBA students and executive education participants

Given the evolving situation related to the COVID-19 virus, the school has decided to take additional measures. We take these additional measures in order to contribute to slowing down the spread of the virus and the number of infected people.

Concretely, all on-campus activities will be cancelled starting Friday March 13th till at least April 19th. The period will be extended if necessary, depending on the developments in the coming weeks.

To the maximum extent possible, and where the quality of learning can be guaranteed, we will transfer all on-campus activities to digital alternatives. Given the experience the school has built in recent years with offering digital learning, we feel confident we can offer for many of our activities a digital equivalent with equal impact. All participants will receive information related to their specific program and group, and the type of solution we will offer. Public areas on campus will remain open for our student community.

We want to thank all of our customers, staff and stakeholders for their understanding and flexibility in these unprecedented times.

With my very best wishes

Update 11 March 2020

It is our top priority to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students, faculty, staff and visitors on our campuses in Ghent, Brussels and Leuven, as well as our off-site activities. Given the nature of our activities and the mobility of our students, participants, faculty and staff, a corona case or even a cluster of cases can appear at any moment. We have done everything possible to be prepared for such a scenario.

In order to follow up on a day-to-day basis, we have set up a Corona Emergency Taskforce (CET). This cross-departmental working group is meeting daily to track the situation, decide on appropriate measures, update our community on a regular basis and create detailed business contingency plans. You can contact the taskforce via [email protected].

We are following the recommendations and instructions of the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the Belgian government and the ministry of education. We are regularly checking updates from these and other institutions to inform our community and our employees if the situation within Belgium and the rest of the world is changing. We are also providing specific groups who are directly involved (students and staff) with customised advice.


Regarding the general transmission of viruses, we are asking you to take into account the following preventive measures:

  • Hygiene: if you sneeze or cough, cover your nose and / or mouth with a disposable handkerchief and then throw it away.
  • If you do not have a disposable handkerchief, sneeze or cough against your arm, not in your hands.
  • Avoid shaking hands when greeting others.
  • Apply good hand hygiene: wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or disinfect with an alcohol-based hand gel. In the Vlerick toilet areas, you will find a poster with more info about the correct way to wash your hands.
  • Be alert for symptoms (off or on campus): cough, fever, shortness of breath,… Contact your doctor by telephone immediately if such symptoms occur.


All information about the corona virus (definition, symptoms, contamination,…) can be found via these links:

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