Scale-up Masterclass - Creating a Community of Like-minded People

A new programme designed for founders and executives of ambitious companies

Founders and executives encounter challenges that other leaders have faced before them. What if they could learn to overcome their specific challenges from those who already have hands-on experience with the journey ahead? What if they could meet like-minded people who are facing the same specific challenges? We believe that by creating a community of entrepreneurs we can help them solve their growing pains much faster and enable them to focus on what matters most: growing their business.

In 2014, Entrepreneurship 2.0 was set up by Vlerick and Deloitte Belgium to create a community of scale-up entrepreneurs and to help them with the key challenges they face in their path to rapid growth.

In 2018, we join forces with Start-Up Survival, which has extensive expertise in delivering online learning journeys for start-up entrepreneurs. The collaboration has created a powerful new, online programme, the Scale-up Masterclass to help companies make the most out of their scale-up potential. We do this by connecting them to a community of more than 50 like-minded European leaders in a 14-week online-offline experience.

With the Scale-up Masterclass, we want to surround entrepreneurs with the very best experts, both practitioners and academics, to help them navigate the journey ahead. Next, we also want to connect them with like-minded people, facing the very same challenges as they are through our live Q&As and two offline events”, states Veroniek Collewaert, Professor of Entrepreneurship and partner of Vlerick Business School.

Last year we ran a first successful edition of our Online Masterclass for Start-ups. We now decided to join forces with Vlerick Business School and organise an online Scale-up Masterclass, for founders and executives of companies with the ambition to achieve high growth,” says Robin Geers, founder of Start-Up Survival.

The programme covers seven online modules on topics ranging from how to accelerate the sales process to internationalisation, building an HR organisation, fundraising and product management.

Practical details

The Scale-up Masterclass consists of 7 online modules and 2 offline events and runs across 14 weeks. The starting date is April 3rd. It is created for founders and executives with the ambition to achieve high growth. What can you expect?

  • Gain new insights and perspectives into scaling your sales, growing internationally, expanding your team and more through online, snackable content of 5 to 15-minute videos.
  • Challenge your own business through knowledge reinforcement with group discussions, quizzes, and self-reflection.
  • Gain direct access to the experts through live Q&As, where they will answer all of your questions.

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