Freddy Van den Spiegel’s expertise adds important value to Vlerick Centre for Financial Services

Since October 2011, the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services (CFS) has been benefitting from the expertise of Freddy Van den Spiegel (Visiting Professor at Vlerick Business School and Professor at the VUB). The CFS houses all of the programmes, research and know-how that the School has developed over the past 15 years in the field of financial services management.

As former head economist and current economic advisor for BNP Paribas Fortis, Freddy Van den Spiegel has a unique vantage point regarding the financial sector and the new challenges facing the market as a result of the crisis. A respected authority in the area of bank regulation and macro-economics, he is known for his well-founded vision. He is on the boards of several international associations and also serves as chairman of the ‘Regulation and Supervision’ steering committee of the European Financial Roundtable (EFR), which unites the 20 most important pan-European financial groups. His reputation, knowledge and experience lend significant added value to the CFS and demonstrate that, more than ever, Vlerick is the knowledge centre par excellence for the financial sector.

Total approach

The Centre for Financial Services approaches the sector from an all-embracing perspective. In addition to the business aspect, financial and risk management and the environmental factors in which the sector operates are also taken into account. Thanks to its strong focus on these three pillars, the CFS can employ a total approach to help support the financial sector in the major challenges that the future holds.

Brussels as base of operations

The Centre’s home base is the new Vlerick campus in Brussels – situated in the heart of Europe and interacting closely with the Belgian, European and international financial sector.

Freddy Van den Spiegel: “Not only is Brussels the financial centre of Belgium, but all new regulations for the financial sector in Europe are created here as well. So, Brussels has become a natural meeting place for the financial world. This puts the Centre for Financial Services in an ideal position to help support the financial institutions in their challenges. Banks still need to digest the consequences of the crisis – but they must also conform to new regulatory guidelines and develop new and successful business models at the same time. Furthermore, the sector continues to play an important role in financing the economy, but within a greatly altered environment. To be able to cope with these top priorities, the sector will need a lot of management skills. So, there is a growing need for research and education.”

Within the CFS, Freddy Van den Spiegel will pay particular attention to the environmental factors that impact financial institutions, such as the regulatory framework and the general economic situation. In addition, he will participate in research projects and help develop company-specific programmes focused on the financial sector. He will also collaborate intensively on current programmes, such as the Vlerick MBA in Financial Services and Insurance (MBA-FSI).

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