Jeroen Neckebrouck wins award for Best Doctoral Proposal

During the latest edition of the RENT conference which was held end in Luxemburg end of 2014, Vlerick researcher Jeroen Neckebrouck received the award for Best Doctoral Proposal. Jeroen is currently pursuing a PhD at Vlerick Business School on the effects of private equity on employment security and employment terms in family firms.

Receiving this award means a great deal to Jeroen: “The award confirms that I’m working on a promising and well-founded study. The ambition and hopes are high so now it’s a matter of coming up to these expectations during the next few years.  On a more personal level the award is a recognition of the work my supervisors, being professors Sophie Manigart and Miguel Meuleman, and myself have put into the preparation for my PhD research. Defining a socially as well as theoretically relevant topic that has not been studied before takes time, as does developing a research strategy. This award enhances to motivation to make this research grow and to develop interesting insights.”

RENT stands for Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. The main theme of the 2014 conference which attracted some 180 participants was  “Entrepreneurial endeavours: a profusion of research, policy and practitioner practices”. Apart from a full-day doctoral workshop the conference programme included a panel debate on the future of entrepreneurship research and a key note talk on the link between institutional change and entrepreneurship. Jeroen also presented a paper on distressed buyouts.

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