Talent Partner L’Oréal to retain its interest in Vlerick’s masters students over the next three years

‘A remarkable talent pool, also for international positions’

By renewing its Talent Partnership, the international beauty group L’Oréal is confirming the ROI of previous years in the area of recruitment. Dunja De Muynck, Talent Acquisition Manager Belgilux at L'Oréal, explains why Vlerick masters students prove particularly valuable to the company.

Dunja, what is the strategic importance of this Talent Partnership for L’Oréal?

Dunja De Muynck: ‘We mainly look for young postgraduate students who we could also deploy on an international basis. Compared with graduates from similar programmes, Vlerick masters students always prove to be outstanding candidates: they combine a practical and mature mindset with a good link with the business. As a result, they quickly generate added value. Another thing which we greatly appreciate about this Talent Partnership is the fact that Vlerick creates various opportunities for us to interact with the students in a different way: we are invited to give a guest lecture, students can carry out an in-company project for us or attend a boot camp here.’

‘In the past, we have recruited candidates from all masters degree profiles: masters in general, financial and marketing management. However, alongside this direct recruitment, our contact with the students and the ensuing network have proved equally useful.’

‘Vlerick masters students quickly generate added value’
Dunja De Muynck, Talent Acquisition Manager Belgilux at L'Oréal

Which initiatives are planned together with Vlerick over the next three years?

Dunja De Muynck: ‘The academic year always kicks off with two recruitment events at which we briefly present the company and get to know the students in an informal way. During the first semester, this is followed by the Career Fair and the Career Day at Vlerick, and in the second semester we invite the students to visit us at our In-House Day and the Brandstorm event. As part of the Brandstorm event – an annual contest during which marketing students all over the world are tasked with developing a marketing strategy for one of L’Oréal’s brands – Vlerick’s marketing students are also invited to attend a kick-off at our company. This means they also get to see the bigger picture at L’Oréal and are twice as well equipped to take part.’