M&A Centre welcomes trusted advisor NautaDutilh

NautaDutilh to reinforce the legal side of M&A expertise

“The opportunity to welcome top-tier law firm NautaDutilh to join us as a Prime Foundation Partner is an important addition to our M&A expertise”, states a satisfied Professor Mathieu Luypaert. Moreover, this partnership is a strategically important step for NautaDutilh as well. As Elke Janssens, partner at NautaDutilh, explains, “This is intended to enable our lawyers to further develop their role as trusted advisors.”

Why has NautaDutilh opted for a Prime Foundation Partnership with Vlerick?

Elke Janssens - NautaDutilhElke Janssens: “We want to use this partnership to bring the academic world and the new insights that are important in practice to our clients and potential clients more quickly.

Today, lawyers are their clients’ trusted advisors. In that position of trust, they are expected to offer clients the best solution. At NautaDutilh we also have the courage to offer unexpected perspectives off the beaten track, and we come up with innovative solutions. For example, we offer winning ideas and pertinent responses, and help our clients to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, recruitment is a key motivation. Several NautaDutilh lawyers have followed study programmes at Vlerick and found them a very enriching experience. Because we are convinced of the quality of Vlerick's programmes, we want to reinforce our visibility among Vlerick students.

Finally, Vlerick sets great store by diversity. It has done so for a long time, as has NautaDutilh. The firm was one of the founders of initiatives such as Women in Law (WILL) and initiatives to benefit LGBT people.”

“We want to bring new insights to our clients more quickly” Elke Janssens, partner at NautaDutilh and legal expert specialising in M&A

In concrete terms, the Belgian division of the firm is going to work with us at the Centre for Excellence in Mergers, Acquisitions & Buyouts.

What role will NautaDutilh play within the Centre?

Mathieu Luypaert: “NautaDutilh is the Centre’s fourth partner. The legal expertise that the firm brings is a vital part of the M&A process, alongside Gimv as a private equity player, BDO for audits & consulting and Bank J.Van Breda as a financial player.

NautaDutilh will play a varied role at the Centre. In terms of content, we can discuss the legal aspects of takeovers in our annual M&A Monitor in greater depth. NautaDutilh is also going to make the results of its quarterly Private Equity barometer available. At M&A events such as the Buy Your Own Company Conference or 'Transfer or sale of your company', they can provide legal insight for potential company transferors and transferees. We also look forward to welcoming Elke as a guest lecturer in our Creating Value through M&A programme.”

“The legal expertise that NautaDutilh brings is a vital part of the M&A process” Mathieu Luypaert, Associate Professor Accounting & Finance, Head of the Centre for Mergers, Acquisitions & Buyouts

Elke Janssens: “I have contributed to panel discussions in the past. M&A is the perfect example of an area where many different elements come together. Vlerick’s multidisciplinary approach, compiling an educational programme from various perspectives but then teaching it in an integrated manner, provides excellent practical preparation for students.”

What do you expect from this partnership?

Elke Janssens: “We want to fulfil a role that goes beyond our everyday work. Through this partnership, we hope to make our expertise - or part of it - available to the worlds of academia and entrepreneurship. We look forward to reinforcing our bonds with M&A and buyout professionals through the Centre’s activities. And in this way we will also be able to extend our own knowledge of the sector, so that we can perform even better as trusted advisors.”

Mathieu Luypaert: “NautaDutilh has a strong base in the Netherlands and is also active in Luxembourg, which means that our M&A expertise is applicable throughout the Benelux region, not just in Belgium. And this partnership will enable us to develop a programme for the transferors of companies next year as well. More information on this will be available soon.”