Masters students meet our corporate partners

On Monday 11 September our Brussels campus turned into a real talent hive, as no fewer than 262 Masters students and 91 representatives of our partners gathered for the annual “Meet the Corporates” event.

Meet The Corporates 'Masters' - digital magazine

Martin Weiss, the new programme director of the Masters in International Management & Strategy, is proud of the student cohort that is presenting itself tonight. He spots three trends among the Masters students who enrolled at Vlerick in 2017.

1. More international profiles

“This year we saw an average of 28% in the numbers of international Masters students; enrolment by international students in our Masters in Financial Management was even more than 50%.”

2. More diverse backgrounds

The days when only students with an economic or engineering background took a Masters degree at Vlerick are long gone. It’s a trend we’ve seen for a few years now, and one that we embrace wholeheartedly. “This year, too, we’ve welcomed an interesting mix of students with a background in law, languages, history, healthcare or even the arts.”

3. Increasing interest in specialised Masters

By introducing the Masters in International Management & Strategy and the Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship last year, Vlerick was clearly responding to a surging need among students. “Remarkably, it’s the students with a business or economic background who now opt for one of these more specialised Masters programmes.”

Finally, Vlerick Business School is also further strengthening its career services. Martin: “We also want to equip our students with the right tools when they come to launch their careers. We’ve therefore further strengthened our career services by offering more tailored support. In that respect, every student can experience a simulation of an assessment centre.”