New innovation model puts customer at the centre of business innovation

At the Vlerick campus in Brussels this afternoon, Professor Marion Debruyne of Vlerick Business School will be presenting her new book: 'Customer Innovation. Customer-centric strategy for enduring growth'. The book elaborates on a new innovation model, based on a number of innovation studies that were carried out in collaboration with the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre.

Those companies and organisations that enjoy success today no longer see customer focus and innovation as opposites. They work from an outside-in perspective, determining their strategy based on the market, rather than on what they are good at.

In her new book 'Customer Innovation', Professor Marion Debruyne analyses the way these organisations work. It is typical of such organisations that they are always alert to signals from the customer, and that they anticipate possible changes. They adjust their business models to fit perfectly with the needs and wishes of the customer.

Furthermore, they seek out collaborations with partners outside their organisation, to take care of things that they cannot do themselves. They believe that collaboration is crucial to ensuring that a good idea is developed into a commercial success.

In 'Customer Innovation', Professor Debruyne shows how companies can become outside-in organisations by engaging in a constant dialogue with the market, implementing customers’ needs, and entering into smart partnerships. She dubs this ‘connecting, converting and collaborating’. 'Customer Innovation' sets out a practical model that will help companies to become customer-focussed, both now and in the future.

The book is also packed with practical examples. Any company that aims to be customer-oriented and innovative will find this an extremely useful book.

ISBN: 9780749471644
Number of pages: 264
Publisher: Kogan Page

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