New partnership between LBi and Vlerick paves the way for ‘Brand Experience’ revolution

In collaboration with a number of visionary clients, LBi – the European market leader in the field of digital marketing and technology – has developed an ‘Overall Brand Experience Index’. Thanks to this unique index, Chief Marketers are able to take informed decisions in developing a strong brand experience in a 360° marketing mix. This concept is so revolutionary that LBi has entered into a Prime Foundation Partnership for the next three years with Vlerick Business School to underpin the concept academically with scientific and practice-relevant research for a number of LBi’s clients.

Vlerick is not only the most rapidly progressing European business school over the past several years (according to the Financial Times), but, according to LBi, it also has the most advanced knowledge in the area of Brand & Customer Experiences,” says Antony Slabinck, CEO of LBi Belgium. “With our ‘Overall Brand Experience Index’, LBi is not only addressing the current issue, which goes beyond the economic crisis, but also substantiating the concept with an academic but still very pragmatic approach that should lead to more effective and more integrated offline and online marketing investments.

Prof Steve Muylle, Head of Vlerick’s Marketing & Sales Competence Center,emphasises: “LBi’s strategic vision underscores the financial impact of a holistic marketing approach in which the customer’s brand experience is central, through both offline and online channels. Thanks to their strategic vision, expertise and extensive experience, LBi is the ideal research partner for developing a rigorous and relevant index that connects brand and customer experience with customer loyalty, growth and profit. We are convinced that, via the ‘Overall Brand Experience Index’, senior management can implement strategic decisions in full confidence that will lead to a stronger market position and continuous profitability.

New communication channels offer challenges for the future

On top of the financial crisis, most companies are wrestling with substantial marketing-related challenges. The explosion of new communication channels is once again compelling companies to learn to listen to their customers, to participate in the dialogue and to seek engagement from their customers. Already in 2005, as a partner for a select group of visionary clients, LBi (a web agency at that time) switched to a proactive and strategic approach. Under the authority of the CEO, the CMO, or even hand-in-hand with the Board of Directors, long-term strategies were developed that today coordinate not only online but also offline communication and distribution channels.

The ‘Overall Brand Experience Index’

The Overall Brand Experience Index offers a solution to CEOs and CMOs for weighing offline as well as online marketing investments with regard to the impact on the end-customer’s brand experience. The Index prevents fragmented initiatives, which are certainly always well-intentioned but not always effective over the long term. With a more streamlined and centralised communication strategy that transcends offline and online, a credible brand can be developed much more effectively, and the basic rules of marketing – namely, listening to and dialoguing with the right customers – again receive absolute priority.

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